Sonja Clausen, Hayfields, Pietermaritzburg

Quite a number of us have voiced our objection to the proposed site for another cell phone tower in the Hayfields area. I have been helped to oppose this tower by Leonard Else. I am terrified of this possibility, and the church signed over power of attorney to the cell phone agents in February last year.

When the matter was put to the vote by the church congregation, I believe that the majority voted for the tower, having been given misleading information.

Since then, many members of the church have woken up to the dangers, and although we objected last year in June, the church did not tell us that it had already signed over power of attorney in February 2017.

In any case, only the members of the church were asked for permission to have that terrible ten-foot high tower erected here, and most of the members do not live here and are not affected by it, excepting when they attend church services. Until the last month, curing June, no one in the surrounding residential area was even so much as informed, let alone the immediate neighbour of the church, on whose front side boundary the church wants this ten-storey tower to be erected.

I am in terrible stress about it and also those of my friends who have pace makers. We are afraid that the cell phone tower agents may give the members of the municipality so called gifts in order to persuade them to allow the tower to go up right near our old age retirement homes.

Apparently the church acted legally, according to municipal laws, to consult only with the members of the church, many of whom do not even live in this area.

The neighbours living in the lovely homes surrounding this church are highly upset with the Lutheran Church for not having informed them earlier, as the majority of neighbours definitely do not want to have such a communications tower in our lovely neighbourhood.

I am horrified at the prospect of this tower, and if the municipality permits this tower to be erected here, I will have to consider moving, and I am now 75. I will lose one quarter of my investment into this Life Right Retirement complex, and then I will not be able to replace it with another which is so lovely and which has this lovely little garden which gives me so much joy.

I know these towers adversely affect the bee and the bird population too, and I love to feed and care for the wild garden birds in our area.

We live on the border of a conservancy. How can such a tower possibly be allowed here in Hayfields, Pietermaritzburg?

We need a lot of help to get ourselves freed of this terrible possibility. So far the church leaders have turned a blind eye to our fears and complaints.

We wish to do all in our power to oppose this tower, but we don’t have the money for lawyers!!!

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