Niki Moore, Glenwood, Durban

In January 2016, I started getting very sick: insomnia, debilitating headaches, severe joint and muscle pain, nosebleeds, burning feet, ringing in the ears, paralysis in the hands and a prickling feeling all over the body. I could not understand this, and what prevented me from seeing a doctor was that the symptoms would come and go, with no discernible pattern, and I could not pinpoint any cause. I tried various lifestyle changes, thinking I had developed some kind of allergy, but nothing helped. I was becoming extremely puzzled and alarmed as this was having a severe effect on my quality of life.

In May, my neighbour came to see me to ask if I had been experiencing any symptoms – and he listed the symptoms above. I was astonished. He said that almost all the residents in the street were experiencing the same symptoms … and the cause was a cell tower erected nearby … at the bottom of the valley, with the antennae directly in line with our houses. Suddenly it all made sense.

Months of investigation revealed that MTN had undertaken a ‘secret deal’ with Ethekwini city official Vincent Ngubane to put up hundreds of cell masts across the city without going through any regulatory processes. We were not aware of this as the city had lied to us about the purpose of these big concrete towers.

A radiation meter revealed very high levels of constant EMF directed towards all the affected houses, and research has confirmed that our symptoms are consistent with EMF poisoning.

Despite the fact that the city has called for an investigation into the legality of this deal, and MTN has admitted a ‘non-alignment’ with the law, the mast is still there, pumping out high emissions.

I bought a radiation alarm, which allows me to avoid areas of high radiation, so I currently live and work in a small room at the back of my house (where I am the most protected), and I sleep in my car.

This has been my life for 18 months while we prepare to take MTN to court. MTN’s illegal cell mast emissions have made me EHS, and this is going to affect me for the rest of my life. And … just in case anyone is going to tell me how lucky I am to have SUCH good coverage, ha ha … I used to be a client of MTN and never had a problem with connectivity. I have now cancelled my account with them, and I live a completely connected life (computer, internet, phone, everything) through my Telkom telephone cable.

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