Margaret K and Iona L, Durban

This mast was erected last year, and we were told it was for cameras for the Commonwealth Games! The municipality seems to have now admitted that it is an MTN cell mast. It is within a few feet of a retirement home.

We have been very disappointed with reactions to our complaints to various organizations about this cellphone tower, which has two units buzzing right outside our complex day and night. I personally contacted MTN, DA, Berea Mail and other affected groups. Tafta has also been requested to object!

Originally, we were told the tower was for security purposes and would contain a camera; then suddenly we realized it was a cellphone mast!

There has been much publicity about this action as the masts have appeared all over the Durban area and are causing many health problems.

Originally there was one green unit, then two, and it is so loud day and night. I’ve noticed that residents no longer sit in that area of the garden. It is especially annoying and worrying for this section of the complex.

All our protests last year didn’t come to anything. Thanks for all the good work you are doing.

From time to time I send an email to MTN complaining but of course not even the courtesy of reply!

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