Katy Lloyd*, Fish Hoek, Cape Town

In the winter school holidays of 2014 – a few months after the 20 m Valyland cell mast went live – a second set of antennae was added. Days later, the installers returned and repositioned the two sets of antennae and other add-ons. Now the antennae largely faced away from the Valyland shops and the old age home and primary school across the road from the mast – but three antennae faced our house. While worried, we assumed this was all part of the approved plan, and the City did not tell us it was not. Nearly a year went by before I found out that the new items were not approved, and we could appeal.

Fast-forward to late 2016, and the new items were approved on appeal. One of the points offered was that the mast had been up for while, so it was fine to add more items to it. I received a notice that mine was the only ‘appeal on the appeal’, and it had been unanimously rejected. They let me email the applicant to ask if the lowest antennae could be rotated away from our house to a harmless gap, but when eventually I followed up, he mailed that I should not contact him again on this matter. Later a resident who had opposed the mast from the start told me that he had also submitted an appeal at the final (and every) stage; I am not sure what happened to it.

Some unsettling ‘health’ experiences do occur only when I am staying at home, so now I spend a lot of time away from it. We are happy to surf the Web on our old pc, and I won’t use a smart phone as long as masts are being foisted on us – so the extraordinarily strong signal strength at our home is a sore point.

*Not her real name.

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