Jennifer van Papendorp, Camps Bay, Cape Town

We currently have a situation in van Kamp St, Camps Bay, where Telkom and its subsidiaries have erected cell phone masts for at least three different cell phone companies on their Telkom Sub Station property right in the middle of a residential area and closer than 20 meters from the surrounding homes.

On the rooftop of the single-story Telkom exchange building, there is a TI mast, serving Cell C and Vodacom with five antennae, that has been there for 20 years without permission from the Cape Town City Council. In the front yard of this Telkom property, there is an 8TA/Telkom Mobile cellular base station on wheels (apparently temporary although it has been there for four years already – erected in 2012).

These installations were not subject to any public consultation and are therefore a blatant transgression of development rights and an abuse of the visual character of our community and our common heritage.

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