Esme S, Noordhoek, Cape Town

165 residents opposed the tower and submitted their objections in writing to the CoCT, yet for some inexplicable reason, only 5 objections seem to have been considered.

There is sufficient coverage already in Noordhoek, so any further cell towers are completely unnecessary.

We went through the CoCT Tribunal, along with our Ward Councilor Felicity Purchase, and our objections were clearly stated.

It was approved, so we appealed.

We employed the legal services of Cullinan & Associates who requested an EIA as there are a number of issues that do not meet the CoCT’s own rules & regulations.

The tower will be built on a flood plain, it is very close to the Goede Hoop River that runs alongside the property (which the applicant refers to as a storm water drain), it is very close to many homes and will of course impact on the value of the surrounding homes (by 40% according to Estate Agents).

While I am aware that the CoCT is not interested in hearing about health-related matters when it comes to the dangers of cell towers, there is huge global evidence which supports our concerns. Even the WHO has recently changed its ideas and is now suggesting we take the precautionary principal.

The applicant has fenced in 3,000sq meters of POS, which includes the river. According to his neighbour, he does not have a lease on this. He applied for a lease, but Felicity Purchase vetoed it.

Part of the application involved Public Participation, and the abutting neighbour objected on the grounds that he obstructed the flow of the river by blocking the culverts, and this caused flooding when the river comes down in spate. He has an illegal bridge over the river, allows alien vegetation such as stink bean and sesbania to grow in the river, and he allows the livery horses to graze in the river, which breaks down the banks. It is also illegal to use Council ground for gain, but he uses this POS for grazing his livery horses.

We have spent over a year trying to stop this tower, but it seems to have been given the go ahead (in spite of our objections being based on the CoCT’s own rules & regulations relating to the erection of cell towers), yet neither our attorneys nor the registered 165 objectors have been notified of this.

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