Christine Bell*, Plumstead, Cape Town

We are fighting to have this mast declared unnecessary as there is no proven need for it. We are also trying to make City Council members acknowledge the inadequacy of the TMI 2015 policy document that they like to reference, which is based on out-dated information.

I have many medical documents with clear evidence of medical consequences of living near to cell phone towers.

The City Council is considered to be acting UNETHICALLY and WITHOUT APPLYING THEIR MINDS ADEQUATELY to the information at hand. They need to be held personally liable for the expected medical problems and associated costs that they have in essence subjected the residents to. Considering that cancer prevalence is increased 2 and 3 fold when living in close proximity to a cell phone mast and that cancers are diagnosed in younger individuals (usually at 50 years of age rather than in the 60’s for the general population), this also represents a scenario where there are negative economic effects.

Churches who like the idea of earning a passive income from the construction of a cell mast on their property need to consider the MORAL and ETHICAL considerations of their choices.

Above all, the developers, ATLAS TOWERS and others, must also be held accountable for their blatant disregard of the health problems. They need to bear the costs of all removals of cell masts and the medical costs of persons affected by the cell masts they have promoted.

It is the first time in my life that I have suffered with constant headaches and the first time since 2011 that I got the flu. My doctor’s records can be checked. The emitting of the cell phone tower is obviously affecting my immune system. What makes me even more angry is that I bought over-the-counter meds yesterday to open up my chest as it was very tight. The effects of the medication are even worse; I am now shaking uncontrollably 17 hours later after taking the meds. I have always taken a holistic approach to my health hence I get sick very seldom, and now this?

We currently have a petition at Change.Org:

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