Port Elizabeth


Here is a document that you will need for your public participation process:
Draft Objection Template 2016 from Earth Life Africa

Advice from a lawyer

If it is becoming clear that permission for the mast will be given despite opposition, appeals, petitions, etc, then it is a good idea to direct a lawyer’s letter to the municipality/lessor/individual who has given permission, putting them on notice that their actions will carry consequenes.

Address this letter to the municipality, the individual in the planning department who approved the mast, and the owner of the property, and make them aware of the following:

“This is a claim for damages for medical costs as well as in respect of the devaluation of immovable property.

The residents / objectors will submit themselves to annual medical tests and should they suffer any adverse medical effects as a result of the telecommunication mast and or base station they would be holding the parties concerned in this matter including the municipality liable for such medical costs as well as any other damages suffered.

The residents / objectors further submit that should their property devalue as a result of such telecommunications mast and base station that they would be holding the parties concerned herein, including the municipality, liable for the devaluation of their property and therefore claim damages associated therewith.

The residents / objectors legal rights remain reserved in full.”

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