Do you live (or have you ever lived) near a cell mast? Did you experience negative effects in terms of your health, the environment or your property value? If so, please share your experience with us.

An important note from a Medical Health Practitioner:

I want to bring to your attention that electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS) is diagnosed under the ICD Clinical Code for Radiation Sickness. But how these clinical codes work is that if sufficient people are complaining of adverse health effects from an identifiable source, then the ICD coding body have an emergency code under which the condition will be identified. The code was developed in 2016 and has not changed since but needs to be.

I would suggest, as numerous people are affected and a health crisis is breaking out in South Africa, that people need to report their symptoms to a GP and ask to have their diagnosis coded against this condition. The more people who do so (and it is their right to ask for this code to be noted against the GP’s assessment plus they have the right to see their clinical notes) then screening can be put in place to register how many people are suffering. This will demand a government health response.

The code for Radiation Sickness is: 2018 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code T66.XXA

The code for exposure to other non-ionising radiation subsequent encounter can be found here

Shared Stories

Disclaimer: Several people did not wish to have their names published for fear of victimisation. If you wish to contact them for any reason, please send a contact request to us, and we will forward it to them. The same applies to contacting anyone else – send us a request and we will forward. The person will then contact you if he or she feels it is safe to do so.

Holly Cairns, Assagay, KZN

Our Assagay community has been bullied into the erection of a 30m cell mast on #1 Angazi Crescent, it is reported the homeowner has been paid R500k to build the mast on his front lawn & will receive a monthly ‘rental’. Several of us in the immediate vicinity of...

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Sonja Mercier, Hayfields, Pietermaritzburg

A cell mast is going up on the property of the Lutheran Church of the Cross, in Hayfields, Pietermaritzburg. Plans have already been drawn up for the cutting-off of the piece of land from the church property, and plans are being drawn up for the 10-storey-high mast. The surrounding...

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Matthew Pfaff, Constantia, Cape Town

The community around Strawberry Lane has strongly objected to a mast being put up by MTN, and the CoCT have allowed it to be built, despite it being right in front of someone’s house and in a residential area. We have followed all avenues of objection, and we have...

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Rick Coetzee, Plumstead, Cape Town

The NG Kerk situated at 32 Ophir Road, Plumstead, was approached by Atlas Towers in 2017 under the pretences that there has been complaints of dropped calls in the area. In the spirit of City Council Regulations regarding Public Participation, 60 registered letters were sent to surrounding neighbours. There...

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Sonja Clausen, Hayfields, Pietermaritzburg

Quite a number of us have voiced our objection to the proposed site for another cell phone tower in the Hayfields area. I have been helped to oppose this tower by Leonard Else. I am terrified of this possibility, and the church signed over power of attorney to the...

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Julian Smit, Noordhoek, Cape Town

We are busy engaging with the City of Cape Town, Ward Councillors and developer to find more suitable cell phone tower site locations and look at a telecomms strategy for Noordhoek as the ‘driver’ for this. We have put together an objection document, which is attached.

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Lynn G, Blouberg, Cape Town

No-one was consulted with regards to the erection of the Cell Mast. Since it has gone up, I have not been feeling at all well. Am generally feeling sick and exhausted.

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Esme S, Noordhoek, Cape Town

165 residents opposed the tower and submitted their objections in writing to the CoCT, yet for some inexplicable reason, only 5 objections seem to have been considered. There is sufficient coverage already in Noordhoek, so any further cell towers are completely unnecessary. We went through the CoCT Tribunal, along...

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Margaret K and Iona L, Durban

This mast was erected last year, and we were told it was for cameras for the Commonwealth Games! The municipality seems to have now admitted that it is an MTN cell mast. It is within a few feet of a retirement home. We have been very disappointed with reactions...

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Jennifer van Papendorp, Camps Bay, Cape Town

We currently have a situation in van Kamp St, Camps Bay, where Telkom and its subsidiaries have erected cell phone masts for at least three different cell phone companies on their Telkom Sub Station property right in the middle of a residential area and closer than 20 meters from...

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Arnold Kern, Somerset West, Cape Town

I stay one road down from where the cellphone tower was erected. We noticed it for the first time about a month ago. We were never informed or consulted about the tower going up. Also see the article in the local newspaper here.

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Tanya E, Randpark Ridge, Gauteng

They are doing two close by with no warning to residents.

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Veronique Meyer, Ida’s Valley, Cape Town

We successfully stopped the erection of a tower but fear there are more to come. We have a Facebook page: Stand up for Ida’s Valley.

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Justin Fourie, Plumstead, Cape Town

Although the NG Church have met with the residents to listen to our appeal against the mast being erected, they don’t seem particularly concerned. Sadly, the residents of Plumstead seem to have no say in the erection of this cell mast even though many will have their property value...

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Katy Lloyd*, Fish Hoek, Cape Town

In the winter school holidays of 2014 – a few months after the 20 m Valyland cell mast went live – a second set of antennae was added. Days later, the installers returned and repositioned the two sets of antennae and other add-ons. Now the antennae largely faced away...

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Christine Bell*, Plumstead, Cape Town

We are fighting to have this mast declared unnecessary as there is no proven need for it. We are also trying to make City Council members acknowledge the inadequacy of the TMI 2015 policy document that they like to reference, which is based on out-dated information. I have many...

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Zoe Lelyveld*, Milnerton, Cape Town

I vehemently object to ANY cellphone masts to be erected in my area. We already have one 2 streets away at the CURRO (Hellenic) CHILDREN’S FOOTBALL CLUB on Pringle Road, Tygerhof, Milnerton, Cape Town. The Tygerhof Primary School is also just 1 street away from the football club. I’m...

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Wimpie Nel*, Glenwood, Durban

Towards the end of 2016, I began to experience sleeplessness, loss of memory and major depression. After I tried to commit suicide in early 2017, I was watching a documentary on National Geographic about electromagnetic radiation, and I wondered if this was the cause of my insomnia and depression....

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Jayson Orton, Lakeside, Cape Town

I bought a house in Lakeside not knowing that the nearby fire station had a set of 7 transponders.  At that time, I had no idea that electromagnetic radiation had any health impact. Around four months after moving in, I began experiencing strange symptoms which baffled both me and...

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Niki Moore, Glenwood, Durban

In January 2016, I started getting very sick: insomnia, debilitating headaches, severe joint and muscle pain, nosebleeds, burning feet, ringing in the ears, paralysis in the hands and a prickling feeling all over the body. I could not understand this, and what prevented me from seeing a doctor was...

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