We will update this page as often as possible as we receive word of new applications for cell masts in residential areas. As citizens of our beautiful country, we encourage you to keep your ears to the ground and let us know as soon as you hear of any new mast development planned for your area. Let’s share our information and post it here for all to see. Only by working together will we stand a fighting chance.


Location: Traffic island, Rick Turner Road. 500 metres from two schools.
Status: Mast is at the bottom of a valley. Residents on either side of the valley, directly in line with the mast, report serious health problems consistent with electromagnetic radiation poisoning.
Irregularities: No application for consent. No public participation process. No compliance with by-laws. No electrical certificate.


Location: Pollsmoor Rd, Kirstenhof
Application Number: 70290830
Status: Upheld on appeal
Current: Organising High Court challenge

Location: Chard Rd, Kirstenhof
Stage of application: Application Passed, No Appeal

Clearly the mast has affected this business

Location: Raapkraal Rd, Kirstenhof
Current: Erected but not yet operational

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